Northumberland tree services


Palmer Tree Service was founded in 2018 by certified arborist Garrett Palmer. It was born out of a personal passion for the natural environment and helping property owners get the most out of their land. 

There’s a lack of understanding of what an arborist is and what value they provide to a landowner. Many trees are cut down because they’re led to believe it’s a hazard. It’s not. Trees are an asset and increase property value and quality of life. 

We primarily specialize in hazardous tree removals, tree planting, tree pruning, stump grinding, cabling and bracing, and lot clearing.


Tree Removal

There comes a time when trees eventually have to come down.  We have the training and equipment to handle any situation.

Tree planting

We offer tree planting services and acquire our planting stock from the most reputable nurseries. We can assist in site and species selection for optimal retention.

Lot clearing

If you need land cleared, we have the equipment and experience to get your project going. We can help with site planning on which trees should be retained and what should be removed. 

Strump Removal

Stump starting to become a nuisance? We have stump grinders to remove stumps well below grade to allow for soil and seed application.

Tree pruning

Following industry best practices we can prune your trees for health and vigour as well as safety.

Forest management

Have a woodlot you are looking to manage? We work in concert with Registered professional foresters to come up with a management plan and the equipment and experience to execute.